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    Dear Reader,

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    Let us start by saying that we understand you.

    We understand how hard you work at your business.

    Sourcing clients every day - that’s a HUGE task!

    But that’s not the end of it.

    The heavy discounts, almost stagnant fee structure, and necessary expenditure you have to bear, may ultimately lead to more losses than wins at the end of the day.

    What’s more?

    With the ever-increasing competition from big financial houses, the shrinking trust of investors in the capital market, and the occasional change in governmental regulations...

    We believe, it will keep getting harder and harder for you by the day.

    But we say, NO WORRIES!

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    No more running after clients.

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    Here’s what we have for you today...

    Introducing PersonalFN’s Special Initiative Certified Financial Guardian

    We bring to you a first-of-its-kind exclusive endeavor from PersonalFN leading you to the forefront of the financial advisory industry.

    As you may be aware, PersonalFN is one of the first personal finance websites in India.

    Founded in 1999 with an innocent ambition of empowering Indian investors, PersonalFN has been built on the basis of honesty and integrity.

    Having spent over 15 years, educating investors; today in 2015, we have come a long way, with the support of millions of followers and readers across the globe.

    Aiming to deliver honest and unbiased opinion and solution to one’s financial dilemma, at PersonalFN, we handhold our clients towards achieving their financial goals; amidst the chaos of the financial world.

    That’s how many Indian investors know us, and love us.

    But we realized that we still haven’t done enough.

    We need to do something even bigger.

    And we cannot do it alone.

    We need you to join our revolution to bring light into the life of an average investor.

    That’s the reason why we came over with this great opportunity today.

    This unique opportunity gives you direct access to earn the trust and continued loyalty of lakhs of investors across India!

    In the ocean of rampant disappointment and noisy distrust, you will be among the chosen FEW on whom an average Indian investor puts his faith exclusively.

    You will become the financial “guardian” for lakhs of investors, who may have been duped and exploited and are looking for a beacon like you.

    And with trust, loyalty, and respect comes a lot of other benefits too.

    Thus, building long lasting relationship with your clients… How great would that be?

    And that’s what we bring to you today.

    A Platform Like Never Before!

    We are going to give you an unparalleled online platform to connect with your prospective clients…

    ...And more importantly, for your clients to DISCOVER you and connect with you on their own.

    As soon as you qualify as a Certified Financial Guardian, you literally get exposure to

    A Massive 1.4 lakh client base nationwide!

    And on an average, the number keeps growing by thousands each month.

    Moreover there are clients, who are looking for high quality financial advice at the moment.

    In short, they are waiting for someone like you.

    And as a CFG, you will get exposure to these prospective clients right away.

    What’s more?

    You DO NOT have to run around from town to town, or city to city to search for clients.

    Yes, no more spending thousands of rupees on promotional or marketing expenses to build your business.

    We are giving you a readymade solution that gives you the perfect exposure in the Indian markets.

    This is a singular platform–perhaps, the very first of its kind–that would set your financial advisory business on a high growth trajectory.

    Are you ready to grab this opportunity of a lifetime?

    Yes? – Great!

    The process is simple.

    Attend Our 10 Hours Course To Earn Your CFG Certification

    As you can understand, the tag of a Certified Financial Guardian would be your token of utmost honesty and supreme commitment towards the interests of the investors.

    So, this is the simple process that you have to follow to become a Certified Financial Guardian and get yourself listed on the platform.

    • 1) Sign up at our website (you can find the link below).

    • 2) Undergo our 10-hour e-Learning program on Personal Financial Planning. (The course includes sessions on ethics, training on risk assessment, tax planning, retirement planning, investment planning and so on.)

    • 3) Pass our final test to qualify as a Certified Financial Guardian.

    • 4) Meet our eligibility criteria. (You have to be SEBI/AMFI certified)

    • 5) Get yourself listed on the CFG Platform

    Here’s a Glimpse Of Your ‘CFG’ Certificate

    This little piece of document will act as the game-changer in days to come. It is a mark of ethics and commitment in the profession that you have chosen for life.

    It will separate you from the rest of the pack of advisors.

    It will tell the Indian investors that you are a part of the big revolution of PersonalFN.

    It will tell everyone that you are a CFG!

    What Sets A CFG Apart From Other Advisors?

    That’s a great question, and we have been waiting to tell you!

    Well, to start with, the TRUST and RESPECT you earn from your clients, once you get certified, sets a CFG apart from the rest.

    While there might be instances where financial advisors are being verbally abused by their clients, infamously written about by the press, and treated like criminals by the regulators, you would be treated differently.


    Because you are a Certified Financial Guardian – not just a financial advisor.

    From the people who have earned the trust and respect of millions, here’s a way for you to earn your client’s trust!

    In the 'fair-game' field of finance – where many intermediaries are treated with suspicion – PersonalFN and Equitymaster have, earned the trust of millions of clients for almost two decades.

    So are you ready to build a respectful business by...

    ...Winning the trust of your clients once you graduate as a Certified Financial Guardian.

    That's not all though.

    There’s more...

    Save Over Rs 5,000 On Your Registration Fee If You Sign Up For Our ‘Pilot’ Batch Now

    Our usual registration fee for the CFG course is set at Rs 10,00o.

    But since you will be a part of our Founder Batch of Certified Financial Guardian, we are presenting this to you on a ‘special savings offer’ whereby you can save a massive total of Rs 5,050 on our usual registration fee.

    That comes down to a whopping 50 percent discount!

    In other words, you can register for the Certified Financial Guardian course for Rs 4,950 only.

    But this offer stays till a few seats of the first batch remain open.

    The NEXT batch may avail CFG certification for the FULL registration fees.

    And from the look of it, it might not take too long.

    We have already opened the door for our potential CFG’s and with every registration that comes in, your opportunity of joining our Founder Batch as a CFG is fading by the day.

    It’s time to act – Now!

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    To your success,

    Team PersonalFN

    P.S. We are expecting to end this opportunity within a week. So, here’s your golden chance. Don’t miss it.

    P.P.S.Become a PART of this revolution coming to India. Be the pioneer of change for the whole financial advisory. To get the ‘first-move’ advantage, ACT NOW!

    P.P.P.S.Your CFG Certificate shall be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of issue and shall be renewed as per the discretion of PersonalFN. You may need to pay a nominal renewal fee and take up the refresher course test for renewal of your CFG Certification.