Mutual Fund News : IIFL Mutual Fund to rebrand itself as 360 ONE Asset Management Limited

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IIFL Mutual Fund issued a notice dated April 03, 2023 informing investors about the change in name of legal entities. Pursuant to the approval of the SEBI vide its letter dated February 01, 2023 the names of the IIFL Asset Management Limited (AMC), IIFL Trustee Limited (Trustee Company) and IIFL Mutual Fund (Trust) are proposed to be modified as follows:

(Source: IIFL Mutual Fund Notice)


Consequent to the above, the name of IIFL Wealth Management Limited is changed to 360 ONE WAM Limited.

Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has granted its approval to the aforesaid name change of the Fund vide confirmation dated May 2, 2023. The registration certificate in the new name will be received from SEBI in the due course. Accordingly, investors are requested to note the following:

The schemes will be renamed as mentioned below:

(Source: CAMSonline)


The process of updating the new name of the Fund and the Schemes in all the documents and records of all the service providers, market participants, intermediaries, Banks, Depositories, Income Tax and government bodies etc., where there is an agreement/registration with the erstwhile name i.e. IIFL Mutual Fund shall be done in due course.

All other features and terms and conditions such as type of scheme, investment objective, asset allocation pattern etc. of the Schemes shall remain unchanged. Plus, the addendum forms an integral part of SID, KIM & SAI will remain unchanged.

Commenting on the name change of IIFL Mutual Fund, Mr Karan Bhagat, Founder, MD & CEO of 360 ONE said, "360 ONE is an embodiment of two words that are extremely important to us – ‘360’ represents the holistic view we take of the ‘ONE’ person whose interests are always first: Our Client. We believe that the new name conveys the values and strengths of our past and our aspirations for the future."