About Us

In 1999, one of India's first personal finance websites was born – www.personalfn.com.

With the sole objective of empowering Indian investors with honest and credible opinions on investing, PersonalFN set on a journey that has been remarkable so far.

With over 1.4 lakh readers worldwide, PersonalFN has grown into a force that aims to achieve better good of the Indian investment community. With unbiased research and straightforward actionable ideas, PersonalFN guides you in understanding personal financial planning better and thereby enabling you to take more informed decisions.

PersonalFN operates with the sole motive to help you achieve what you want the most – Financial Freedom.

The Next Big Step In The History Of PersonalFN

In our never ending efforts to empower you, the investor, we have taken possibly our biggest step yet…

We have created what we believe is the first of its kind platform that aims to address the biggest challenge facing both the industry and the investment community.

The complete lack of T.R.U.S.T.

With our new platform, we aim to help advisors earn the trust, faith and respect of millions of investors, like you.

A platform that helps investors like you find honest advice amidst all the biased opinions out there, and get honest answers to your financial questions from a trustworthy and knowledgeable financial advisor.

That is what we want to achieve through…

Our Certified Financial Guardian Initiative.

A Certified Financial Guardian is the epitome of honesty and truthfulness.

A Certified Financial Guardian is the token of strong integrity that is of utmost importance.

A Certified Financial Guardian is the mark of someone who is here to help an investor sleep peacefully at night.

A Certified Financial Guardian is not just an advisor; he is a guardian to your wealth.

That's what Certified Financial Guardian means.

By connecting the best CFGs with millions of investors like you across India, we aim to take one more step in empowering investors.

This is a huge leap towards revolutionizing the whole Indian investment community, by helping build relationships based on true tests of trust and respect.

That's Certified Financial Guardian.

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